Haunts and Hexes Trail

Brace Yourselves!

A ghostly family on Bloody Spring Road? Nocturnal spectral revelry on Witchcraft Road? A mysterious castle on Spook Lane? A haunted covered bridge (actually, two of them)? An eerie theater, school, park, graveyard, stadium, restaurant, inn, bed and breakfast, attraction, shop, farm, and museum?

Welcome to the "other side" of Greater Reading – where history and mystery intertwine. Few regions can claim the intensity of reputedly haunted places as Berks County. Several mansions in Reading’s Centre Park Historic District harbor ghosts, and throughout the countryside are dozens of private and public places that have been documented as "haunted."

This is a land where locals still call on the mystical faith-healing known has "pow-wow."  It is where "soul holes" and "devil doors" can be found on ancient farmsteads and where an entire self-guided driving tour provides a map to the enigmatic “hex signs” and other curious architectural quirks that adorn big, bank barns in the county’s fertile farmlands.

What You Should Do

Take a self-guided tour to Reading’s most mischievous destinations. Enter each place at your own risk. Once there, staff can answer your questions. But beware; Greater Reading is more haunted than you think.

Greater Reading Convention and Visitors Bureau recognizes that legends, folklore and ghost stories are very much a part of our culture. Contact us and we will gladly help you plan a trip to haunted sites where spirits are said to dwell.


  • Aulenbach Cemetery
  • Berks County Heritage Center
  • Crystal Cave
  • Dreibelbis Station Bridge
  • Dutch Hex Tour
  • Hawk MountainSanctuary
  • Historical Society of Berks County
  • Kutztown Area Historical Society
  • Town of Hamburg, Our Town Foundation
  • Reading Liederkranz
  • Reading Phillies
  • Wertz Mill Covered Bridge
  • William Penn Memorial Fire Tower

Meet the Expert

These scary locations have been provided by experienced ghost hunter, Charles J. Adams III. He is a Berks County native and resident who has spent more than 30 years chronicling ghost stories in his more than 32 books on haunted places in Mid-Atlantic States. He has presented at numerous paranormal conferences and has led ghost tours in the United States, Caribbean, England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. He has also been interviewed on radio and TV stations in the US, Great Britain, and South Africa. He has served as an “expert” on television shows on the History Channel, Travel Channel A&E, MTV, Learning Channel, and Japan’s Nippon Network. For more information on books and tours by Charlie J. Adams III, visit Exeter House Books.

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