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Pennsylvania Dutch Trail

Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage Trail

Attend a fair in Greater Reading, PA and you’re likely to indulge in local favorites like funnel cake and birch beer, or pass barns along the way adorned with hex signs.

With deep roots in the culture of the original German settlers, the Deutsch eventually evolved into the Pennsylvania Dutch as they adapted to their new home. Today, the Pennsylvania Dutch of Berks County celebrate their culture in the sticky sweetness of shoo fly pie, the ornate designs on hex signs, the warmth of hand-sewn quilts and the folksy incorporation of PA Dutch language in everyday conversation.

Greater Reading, PA is proud of our Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage in Berks County and invites you to share in our piece of unique American culture. We gladly wilkum you to our home.

Take a ride on the PA Dutch Trail, a self-guided tour of Greater Reading’s Pennsylvania Dutch treasures. Plug the addresses of our partners into your GPS or use our map for reference.

September 2014
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